Things are trucking along nicely over here at project #aedesignsherown and I cant believe the progress we have made. The subfloors have been leveled and new wood floors are being installed Monday (!), the ceilings have been taken down, new can lights put in, and new ceilings have been put back up, a lot of the walls are being put back up and finished as well. Soon tiles will start going up and cabinets are being built. We are moving in 44 days so I don’t have any time to procrastinate on decisions. Its really, really hard to work in design all day and not second guess my choices, but I am doing my best!

I started getting bids from painters to start on the outside of the house. Here is a current snapshot of the exterior of our house:


Not a pretty picture. The original color paint is a mucky avocado green that essentially camouflages the house into the landscaping (do you see the GIANT tree in front of the house??). The part that is white is the new exterior we had to replace because of water damage and because we removed a balcony and some windows (it is white because it is primed).

The house is really unique – it is made of stucco, brick and wood siding. It is hard to classify what kind of house it is – it was built in the 60s and it is a ranch house with a minimally sloped roof that you can barely see. Originally I was thinking of doing a blue-gray, like Benjamin Moore Hale Navy, because I thought it would give the house more of a cape cod feel, which is my favorite kind of house:

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The thing I love about these blue houses is that they pop against the white trim and gray roof. Our house has very little trim in the front of the house and you can barely see the roof so I am concerned painting it this color will keep giving it that camouflaged look and I really want it to POP once you get up the driveway so you can really see the house.

I hadn’t really considered white until the primer went up and I was like oh wow, its white! I am of course nervous it will get dirty from all the trees but I have been reassured our gutter system is working well and would prevent leaves etc from falling on house.

Now for some beautiful white houses:

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At least my kids/husband cant get spaghetti sauce on the outside of the house right? Well maybe they can, but its not as likely as a living room sofa.

Along with a white house must come BLACK trim.

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I don’t have a lot of trim on the outside of the house, but I think I could fudge it by getting creative (can I paint my gutters black??).

I would also like to paint the garage black. So rad.



Once we are able to replace our front door (will be part of phase 2 – not a priority), I would love to paint it a cool color, maybe turquoise…

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….or red…..

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….or yellow?!



Expect many, MANY paint swatches to come. Can’t wait to post more exciting updates next week! Happy weekend! xo, AE