So we are settled into our new house (more like “settled” as we have little furniture, no light fixtures, and the exterior of our house looks like a big hot mess). None the less – it is so lovely to be here and finally live in the space we have been working so hard on over the last few months. The transformation of the bathrooms and kitchen has been really something and I am so looking forward to someday having it all done! Just kidding, I am a designer and I will never EVER be done 🙂

One of the spaces we did not touch (sadly) is my master closet. I have hopes that at some point we will build something spectacular, but for now I can only fantasize, which is also fun! I have thinking of what this space would be like for me….now we all know I am more of a modern girl – clean lines, graphic patterns, black & white – but when it comes to my DREAM dressing room, I actually gravitate towards something very classic and feminine.

Here are some images that give me LIFE:

2d5144bb53cfa3ac7c0f9d4715341c2f ottoman2e8da77aaaacf959a989ccfedeaedfceavanity

I love the white classic moldings and details as well as the cool blues and grays in the rugs and furniture.

Another essential feature to a great dressing room is WALLPAPER (wait, when is wallpaper not an important feature??)

wallpaper3 wallpaperlighting 0c699a35114ba2ff81b86a196095318cI have always loved mural wallpapers for a dressing room – the top image from Aerin Lauder’s home has always been a favorite image of mine – but I also like something subtle that gives the room a really serene feel.

Another super important factor in a dressing room is lighting (duh!). A glorious chandelier can really transform a space and give you the soft lighting you need to select your best outfit yet:

chandelier 3973d6e7287dc70cf250157a3685326e

chandelier2 chandelier3

The last few details for me include some sort of animal print-esque carpeting:

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And an uber feminine ottoman, for putting on your fancy heels:


So, that leads to my design, of my dreamiest, most magical dressing room:

closet design board with textUgh, I love it! May have to build a bigger house next time to accommodate. Live and learn!

Lets go through some of my choices, starting with wallpaper:

farrow and ball wisteria wallpaper

This is from Farrow & Ball’s wallpaper collection, called Wisteria. I love their take on traditional patterns – they feel timeless yet modern at the same time.

Next up is the carpet:

stark kubra

This is the Kubra pattern from Stark. I used it once before in a very feminine bedroom:

Next up is the blingy bling bling chandelier:

arhaus poppy large

This is the poppy pendant from Arhaus. Check out the rest of their lighting collections here. Perfect for a feminine dressing room!

The vanity is a shagreen covered desk from Bernhardt. I love the feminine, clean shape:

bernhardt criteria desk

Those scalloped edges kill me!

The upholstered chair is a deco style piece from Mecox Gardens:

mecox beaufort deco side chair

I have actually lusted after this chair for years. So simple yet so stunning.

The mirror is from Horchow:


This mirror adds a slight antique-y look that fits in so well in this space.

Lastly the ottoman – had to be something skirted because where else would I ever put something like this?? I took inspiration from an ottoman by Edward Ferrell:

edward ferrell danbury oval ottomanI took the liberty of making it a light blush colored upholstery to add a hint of color to the scheme.

Well, I’ll keep dreaming over here but also keep posting updates of what is ACTUALLY happening in our house. xo, AE